we offer

A quick, easy and reliable solution for clinical trial participants’ reimbursements via specialized online payment platform. Flexible service compatible with any payment schedule. Instant reimbursements, no vouchers or checks.

our mission

Our mission is to save time, resources and energy of sponsor or CRO site operations management staff and investigational site personnel as well as to provide advantages to clinical trial participants.

Our mission
  • Clinify service is a flexible solution that saves time and reduces errors
  • Clinify service allows any amount to be reimbursed, depending on sponsor or CRO needs
  • Reimbursed amounts are not limited by e.g. voucher or check predefined values, and may even vary from visit to visit
  • Clinify service rules out the possibility of voucher or check theft or loss at the site

benefits for sponsors

Saved valuable time of clinical site monitors and clinical trial assistants
Countless resupplies of vouchers or checks to investigational sites are no longer needed
No voucher or check accountability and verification at the investigational site
No reimbursements logs to be completed

benefits for investigational sites

Clinify service liberates the investigational site staff from manual and lengthy administrative processes related to participants’ reimbursements at the site
Clinify service circumvents additional site internal administrative processes related to participants’ reimbursement
Clinify service gives investigators and research staff more time to focus on research
Clinify service replaces site voucher or petty cash operations by fast and simple several click action within the online payment platform

advantages for clinical trial participants

  • Clinify service compensates participants with money, not vouchers/checks that are not always the most welcome option
  • Clinify service enables participants to be reimbursed timely and almost instantly
  • Clinify service prevents participants from spending additional time in the institution’s cash office
  • Compensating participants with money may additionally improve compliance and retention
Advantages for clinical trial participants


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